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Lehle Little Dual




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Lehle Little Dual is a switcher for two amps. Little Dual allows you to use two amplifiers simulatenously or separately without hum or phase cancellation issues. Outputs A and B are isolated from each other with a Lehle LTHZ isolation transformer which ensures noise-free operation in all situations.

    Input A/B: Input jack for incoming mono instrument signal. If the Input A is in use, this input's signal is routed only to output B.
    Input A: Other input jack for incoming instrument signal. This input is routed to output A only. Stereo signals can therefore be routed from different inputs to different outputs.
    Outputs A and B:
    Outputs for feeding the signal to the amplifiers. Output B grounds to Little Dual and the instrument, so output B should always be connected. There is an isolation transformer between outputs A and B which can be turned on if there is noise when two amplifiers are used simoultaneously.
    ⏚ switch: This switch isolates output A and B grounds from each other. If you hear hum when outputs A and B are on simultaneously, press this switch.
    &infin switch: This switch inverts output A phase 180 degrees and helps to solve phase cancellation issue. If the sound is weaker and thinner when both amps are on simultaneosly, press this switch.
    Footswitches: Two high-quality switches that are virtually indestructible (designed to withstand over one million presses) that turn the outputs on and off. Left switch turns both amps on simultaneously, the right switch alternates between outputs A and B.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 8-20 V DC or AC, centre positive or negative. 55 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Germany


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