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Cleaning the bottom plates of your pedals

Start the building process by cleaning the bottom plates of your pedals. Brand-new pedals aren’t a problem, but the glue and gunk on old pedals can take quite some time to get off.

You can either spend hours ripping and rubbing off the old tapes and stickers by hand and with different tools or then you can dissolve them with PRF Label Off. A can of this miracle solution will last you a long time – possibly for the rest of your days – so do not begin your pedalboard project without it in case you have old pedals or, for instance, a pedalboard that needs to be cleaned.

The bottom plates of your pedals should be completely flat and clean. Rubber feet and the like must be removed. If you’re unwilling to rip off the large rubber base of a Boss pedal you can try to take off the plate, turn it upside down, and screw it back on. In some models the slip protection fits inside the case.

  • Remove any remnants of old adhesive tapes.
  • Put all pedals bottoms up on a straight surface and spray PRF Label Off to their base plates. Leave the spray to work its magic for 15 minutes. If your glue is really sticky you may have to wait a while longer.

  • Once the PRF Label Off spray has done its job, wipe away the molten goo, using either your thumb or a coarse cloth.

        If there’s still more remnants of glue left, you could try some blue PRF 6-68 spray, quickly wiped off before the spray has evaporated. You might even want to use this spray as a finishing touch on all base plates, as it’s great in removing any last bit of grease.

        • Lay out your pedals on the pedalboard frame according to the photo you took earlier.
        • Note where the frame has any gaps or openings underneath the effects. You don’t want any adhesive tape in between these gaps, acting as a dirt magnet in the long run.

        Attaching a Wah pedal to a pedalboard

        In many wah-wahs the rubber feet are part of the bottom plate assembly. The rubber feet under a wah pedal must be removed before the pedal is attached to the pedalboard. However, removing the rubber feet leaves the screws slightly proud of the bottom plate, which makes the bottom plate a bit wobbly.

        A solution for this problem is the Custom Boards Components Wah-Kit. The kit includes four right sized metal washers, that, when placed between the screws and the bottom plate, prevent it from moving around.

        If you have perforated metal sheet at home, you can cut four little pieces out of it to do the same thing. In our opinion, hand picked washers are a neater solution that certainly won’t make a scratch in the bottom plate of your pedal.


          If you have purchased all the parts and components but get a feeling that you might not be up to the task after all, we can make your pedalboard for you, using the components you have bought from us. Don’t worry, we won’t let anything go to waste.


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