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The Custom Boards guide for building your own pedalboard

Updated 4.3.2022

If you want to build your own pedalboard from start to finish this guide is for you.

Our online tutorials consists of separate articles that give you hands-on instructions for planning, building and maintaining your board. The whole process is explained thoroughly in pictures, videos and words, starting from zero and going all the way to roadworthy pedalboard. 

  • Building a pedalboard always starts with careful planning. If you’ve made a detailed plan, building your board will be easy.
  • Before buying any materials you should understand what you’re aiming for. This guide will help you to get a clear picture of all the different things you will need, and in which quantities.
  • By using our "pedalboard builder's checklist", you will be assembling your board in the correct order, once you start.



      Take a look at what a pedalboard can do for your career

      The technical level of the whole equipment should be at least on a par with the quality of your music.  Read More >

      How to choose the correct effects for your pedalboard?

      What is the tone you’re after? Are you satisfied with your current sound?  Read More >

      Why would I use all these effects?

      One of the most important steps in building a Custom Boards pedalboard is making sure that every pedal is there for a reason.  Read More >

      How to connect guitar effects pedals for best results?

      There is a “correct” way to chain together guitar effects, which is what this article is about. We think it’s good to know the rules, before you break them.  Read More >

      A design and main purpose of your pedalboard

      Are you planning on transporting your pedalboard in the baggage hold of a plane, or will you be carrying it as hand-luggage?  Read More >

      How do I choose the right power supply for my pedals?

      The most common cause of problems in pedalboard project is not paying enough attention to the choice of a power supply unit (PSU)  Read More >

      3M Dual Lock or Velcro – How do I attach pedals to my pedalboard?

      Careful effect attachment will increase the lifespan of your pedals, as well as saving you the cost and trouble of having to repair them.  Read More >

      Can I reach all my effects or do I need pedal risers?

      If there isn’t enough space left to place the pedals further apart, you may consider one of several ways of raising a pedal.  Read More >

      Instrument cables in a gig environment (VIDEO)   Check it out >

      Wireless receiver on a pedalboard (VIDEO)  Check it out >

      How to connect my guitar and effects to more than one amplifier?

      In most cases you will want to split the guitar signal to run two different amps. For this you need a so-called AB-box.  Read More >

      AB- and ABY-boxes (VIDEO)  Check it out >



      Learn to take advantage of multiple gain stages

      Should your guitar amp's gain tones leave you a bit wanting, please read this article.  Read More >

      The different uses for a Noise Suppressor

      Do you suffer from uncontrollable feedback? Does the hiss from your gain pedals and/or from your amp’s preamp cause an infernal roar between songs?  Read More >

      The effects loop splits the amplifier in two

      One important decision is whether all of your effects will be preceding your amp’s preamp, or if some effects will be put in the amp’s effects loop.  Read More >

      True bypass and buffered bypass

      If your existing pedals are all wired for true bypass, you should consider using a separate buffer on your pedalboard.  Read More >

      What is a ground loop? (VIDEO)  Check it out >

      How to use MIDI to control your guitar rig

      In the world of guitars MIDI is experiencing a boom right now, thanks to the proliferation of digital effect processors.  Read More >



      Power supply terminology

      Using a power supply correctly requires you to understand a few technical terms. like volts, amperes, polarity, watts, output, section, isolated and regulated.  Read More > 

      How do I know what power my pedals need?

      Planning the power requirements of your pedalboard is best done neatly on a piece of paper or using a spreadsheet software.  Read More > 






          Pedalboard builder's checklist

          Every pedalboard we have made is tailored to the needs of our customer, but we always apply the same building process.  Read More >

        • Cleaning the bottom plates of your pedals
        • Preparing 3M Dual Lock tape to your pedals
        • Installing a power supply unit
        • How to attach power supply to a Pedaltrain pedalboard (VIDEO)
        • How to attach power supply to a Voodoo Lab Dingbat pedalboard (VIDEO)

        • *****


          PATCH CABLES





          If you have purchased all the parts and components but get a feeling that you might not be up to the task after all, we can make your pedalboard for you, using the components you have bought from us. Don’t worry, we won’t let anything go to waste.


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