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Custom Boards pedalboard -complete package

  • Have your gigs become real nightmares because of technical problems?
  • Do you want to concentrate on your music and have a tech take care of the technical stuff?
  • Are you sick and tired of studying electronics jargon?

Custom Boards pedalboard -complete package is aimed at musicians too busy or lacking the technical knowledge and skills to build themselves a pedalboard.

The advantages of a custom-made pedalboard:

  1. Your pedalboard is tailored to your needs
  2. We guarantee your board´s operation
  3. You avoid unnecessary purchases
  4. It saves your valuable time

How it works

    Fill in our contact form which helps our technicians understand your needs and wishes, and also any possible problems with your current setup. We will study it and book you a time for our planning session.

      The planning session costs 100 €.

      At the end of the session, you will be given an offer with a price quote for your pedalboard. You can then decide if you want to proceed with the plan. The planning session does not obligate you to anything.

        You can still build the board by yourself and buy the needed components from us or elsewhere. Should you decide that you want us do build your board, we will start the process right away.
          We give you a lifetime warranty for your pedalboard. Our hotline will help you in case of emergencies, even at night or on weekends.
                Complete package includes:  
                Gathering preliminary information Check!
                Checking the condition of existing gear Check!
                Choosing the right pedals and materials Check!
                Choosing the pedalboard and pedal layout Check!
                Planning the patch cables Check!
                Choosing the right power supply unit Check!
                Our satisfaction guarantee Check!
                3-year warranty on our products Check!
                Testing the signal path Check!
                Removing hum and interference Check!
                Custom-made patch cables Check!
                Servicing old pedals and components Check!
                Attachment of effects and power supply Check!
                Testing the finished board for ruggedness Check!
                Lifetime warranty on all what we do Check!
                Set delivery date Check!
                Technician hotline 24/7 Check!


                How do I start my project?

                1. Fill in our contact form.
                2. We will send you a confirmation e-mail, with additional questions of your rig. This way we can make the most of our one-hour consultation.
                3. The planning session will be held either at our headquarters or via Skype, depending on your location.
                4. During our session we will delve deeply into what types of sounds you’re looking for, decide on the order and layout of your effects, choose a power supply, and make a plan for the cabling.
                5. We will give you a detailed quote for your pedalboard, including any required maintenance or repair of your pre-existing effects.
                6. Your new pedalboard will be ready for you within seven (7) days from the planning session.

                The building process includes:

                • Our suggestion of the best layout and type of pedalboard frame
                • Servicing and cleaning of any pre-existing pedals
                • Calculation of the power requirements of your board
                • Figuring out the best signal path for your board
                • Custom-making all the necessary cables
                • Installation and attachment of the power supply and the effects

                Through thorough planning, we make sure that there are no nasty surprises regarding the timeframe and the final bill. We use only the very best components and materials in building our boards. Your pedals won’t come off, disappear or be damaged.

                Satisfaction guaranteed

                We don’t do things halfway. Our pedalboards represent the culmination of years of experience. If you’re not completely satisfied with our board – for whatever reason – we will refund your money.

                Start building your pedalboard now.

                Fill in our contact form


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