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Call and Online Tech Support

  • Are you unsure how certain parts of electric guitar rig affect your sound? 
  • Do you have questions about electric guitar in general that you would need some assistance with?
  • Would you like to get vital tips on any electric guitar equipment-related issues?

Custom Boards’ Call and Online Tech Support will solve your problems for just 29 €/half an hour.

The Custom Boards Call and Online Tech Support will help you get to grips with any question or issue that might concern you in half an hour. Book a consultation – it could even be today – and tell us about what's puzzling you. We will deal with your problems effectively during our call or online session, so that you can move forward.

The benefits of our service:

    • You will gain a better understanding of your equipment and your signal path
    • We will get to the bottom of the problem that’s affecting your sound.
    • You will spend less time googling and hanging in various guitar forums.

    How does it work?

    1. Please fill out this Call and Online Tech Support form. Tell us about your specific problems that need solving. The better you manage to describe your specific issues, the better we will be able to help you.
    2. Once we have received your form, we will e-mail you a payment link to our webshop. The price for the 30-minute consultation is 29 €.
    3. After you have paid the consultation fee, we will contact you and confirm the date and time. It could be even today. 

    In our experience, the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to make a video call is by WhatsApp. We can also use Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, or just have tradional phone conversation.

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          Our support service can include the following topics:
          Learn how to connect guitar effects pedals for best results Check!
          Learn how to make an instrument cable Check!
          Learn how do to attach pedals to your pedalboard? Check!
          Learn how to install a power supply on a pedalboard Check!
          Get rid of hum and noise in your set up Check!
          How can I make the best use of my amplifier? Check!
          Know your speaker impedance Check!
          Learn how to change strings to your instrument correctly Check!
          Learn how to adjust and finetune your instument Check!
           Any other issues, let us know! Check!

          Satisfaction guaranteed

          We will find the best solution for your specific equipment problem during our half-hour consultation. Should you feel that we’ve failed to provide you with valuable help and advice, we will refund your money.

          Start solving your problems with our Call and Online Tech Support

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