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Pedal Power Service

  • Are you searching for the right power supply to feed your pedals?
  • Are you unsure how to determine the power supply, and how to install it correctly?
  • Are you afraid you could damage your pedals or mess up your sound by connecting the power supply incorrectly?

Custom Boards -power supply evaluation service makes sure that your power supply is a perfect fit for your pedalboard, both in terms of power and size. We know how to calculate the correct power requirements. You answer a list of questions about your pedals and project, and we will do the maths for you.

Should you choose to buy the power supply unit from us in seven (7) days, you will get a full rebate on the price of our service.

The advantages of our Pedal Power Service:

    • You also won’t damage your pedals by feeding them the wrong type of power.
    • Correctly powered effect pedals won’t buzz or squeal.
    • Improves your equipment sensibly by avoiding wrong purchases.
    • A well-installed power supply will stay in mint condition, keeping the unit's resale value.

    How does it work:

        1. Fill in our planning form and send it to us.
        2. We will e-mail you questions about the amount and a type of pedals in your rig.
        3. Within 48 hours we will e-mail you an analysis of your power requirements, a suggestion on what power supply model to choose, instructions on how to hook up your effects, and installation instructions for the power supply and your pedalboard frame.
        4. At the same e-mail you will receive a discount code to Custom Boards webshop, valued for 99 €. Code is active for seven (7) days, so you will get a full rebate on the price of our Pedal Power Service when buying a power supply from us. 

        Fill in our planning form

          Evaluation service includes:
          A tried and tested process to determine the musicians needs Check!
          Electrical competence and understanding the terminology Check!
          Proven experience in correct placement and installation of power supplies Check!
          Written selection criteria, and wiring and installation instructions Check!
          Satisfaction guarantee Check!
          Rebate offer on PSU purchase Check!
          Three-year warrantee on all equipment purchased from us Check!

          Satisfaction guaranteed

          We have built a hundreds of pedalboards with our expertise and knowledge based on years of real life international touring experience. Please see our previous works from the pedalboard gallery. Should you not be satisfied with the results, you will get a full refund.

          Leave finding the right power supply to us.

          Fill in our planning form

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