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Catalinbread Talisman gives you a huge spacious reverb sound of a plate reverb in a pedalboard-friendly format. About 480% smaller than the real reverb plates that were used a lot in the studios especially in the 1970's. The sound is big but does not get in the way of your playing. Includes its own preamp which allows you to overdrive the signal if you so desire.

• Mix: Sets the mix between the dry and effected signal. At 7 o'clock no reverb, at 5 o'clock you will hear just the reverb.

• Vol: Volume control for the pedal's preamp. Saturates nicely towards 5 o'clock. Allows you to boost the reverberated sounds.

• High Pass: Tone control. More high frequencies towards 7 o'clock, darker sound towards 5 o'clock.

• Time: Sets reverb length. At 5 o'clock you will get endless reverb that just keeps on going and slowly begins to oscillate.

• Pre Delay: Sets the delay time before reverb sound is audible. Longer delay towards 5 o'clock.

• Power Requirements: 2.1mm 9-18V DC centre negative power supply. Under 100 mA.

•True Bypass or buffered bypass, selectable via a switch inside the pedal.

• Made in USA.

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Category: Reverb

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