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Evidence Audio Monorail Patch Cable (Graphite Black, 1 m)

Evidence Audio



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Evidence Audio Monorail is a thin audio cable which works best for patching pedalboards and racks.

We at Custom Boards have literally made thousands of patch cables using this material, and we’re still baffled by Monorail’s reliability and its great tone. This cable uses a thick, solid copper core, similar to the one in the company’s Lyric HG cable. This gives you a huge sound in a very compact size.

Evidence Audio Monorail is often used in combination with Evidence Audio´s SiS-plugs, making for a quick solder-free connection with superb strain relief. Of course, you’re free to solder Monorail with connectors made by a different manufacturer, too.

We don’t recommend using Monorail as a guitar lead, because it is relatively stiff. This stiffness, on the other hand, is an advantage in fixed assemblies. We sell this cable by the metre.

Read the Evidence Audio SIS-plug/Monorail assembly guide or our Custom Boards DIY-guide for more information on using the Monorail-cable with the SIS plug.

All Evidence-cables come with our lifelong Custom Boards warrantee.

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