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Morningstar MIDI Box



Designed from the ground up, the Morningstar MIDI Box offers you something special – many more outputs in a much smaller package.

Through a single 5-pin MIDI input, you can split your MIDI signal into 8 isolated 3.5mm TRS MIDI outputs. Your input MIDI signal can also continue to flow via the 5-pin MIDI Thru port. 


8 isolated MIDI outputs mean that the integrity of your MIDI signal is protected after it has been split.
  • SWITCHABLE PORTS: Ports 1 to 6 are independently tip/ring switchable, making this MIDI Box compatible with all TRS MIDI devices.
  • 5-PIN MIDI IN: A standard 5-pin MIDI in port allows you to connect any MIDI device or MIDI controller to the MIDI Box.
  • 5-PIN MIDI THRU: A standard 5-pin MIDI thru port allows your MIDI chain to continue bypassing on MIDI received from the MIDI in port.
  • INDICATOR LED LIGHTS: 2 separate LEDs to show when MIDI is being received (light blinks) and when the MIDI Box is powered (light on).
  • SIZE: 117 x 40 x 40.5 mm / 4.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9VDC - Power the MIDI Box with a standard 9v DC center-negative power supply with a minimum current draw of 20mA. 

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