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Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo V2



Gives you the sound and features of a tape delay machine in a repair-free, small pedal format. This is the most accurate tape delay modelling available today. Leave your tape delay at home and don't miss it one bit. The New V2 model has lots of updates on sounds and tech.

  • Controls:
    Time: Sets the length of delay time.
    Mix: Controls the blend between dry and delayed signals. At 7 o'clock 0% wet, at 5 o'clock 100% wet. El Capistan leaves the dry signal 100% analog.
    Tape Age: Sets the age of virtual tape. The more worn-out tape has a warmer sound. At 7 o'clock the sound is crisp and clear, at 5 o'clock it's worn-out and warm.
    Repeats: Sets the number of repeats. 7 o'clock one repeat, 5 o'clock infinite repeats.
    Wow & Flutter: Simulates a badly configured tape delay machine towards 5 o'clock. Affects the pitch and modulation of the repeats.
    Tape Head: 3-position switch to change between different tape head and machine configurations in conjunction with the Mode switch.
    Mode: 3-position switch that works in conjunction with Tape Head switch and controls the features of tape heads.
    Spring: a dedicated knob now allows control of the completely independent Spring Reverb Level, which is more powerful than it may seem on the surface. The basic Spring Reverb was an afterthought in the original El Cap (hidden away in the secondary functions) but is now an important part of the operation of the entire pedal, bringing a wide variety of sounds not available before.
    Tap Tempo switch
  • Hidden controls (activated when Tap and Bypass are pressed simultaneously when the pedal is on).
    +/-3db Boost/Cut (under Mix control): Boosts or cuts the signal, from -3db to +3db.
    Low End Contour (under Tape Age control): Affects the amount of low end. At 7 o'clock full bottom end, at 5 o'clock a thinner sound reminiscent of a drum delay.
    Tape Bias (under Repeats control): Controls the amount of headroom in the delays. At 7 o'clock the clearest delays with most headroom, at 5 o'clock slightly distorted and compressed delays.
    Tape Crinkle (under Wow & Flutter control): Adds the effects of a mangled tape to your sound.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9 VDC center negative, 250 mA. Power supply provided with the pedal.
  • True Bypass or buffered (user selectable)
  • Made in the USA

New features in V2: 

  • Full MIDI control, including MIDI clock sync and access to 300 presets via MIDI.
  • USB-C is included as standard on each unit for MIDI-over-USB and firmware updates, which allows bi-directional MIDI communication with a single cable using Strymon’s Conduit interface. There will also be free editor/librarian support through USB connectivity. The editor/librarian software is due to be launched in August 2022.
  • TRS full stereo inputs and a MONO/STEREO input switch on the back of the unit; a major improvement and much more convenient than having to take apart the pedal to change the internal physical jumper position as on the originals
  • All V2 models also now feature a brand new Strymon Class A JFET preamp, making every pedal sound better right from the outset.
  • A new state-of-the-art 520MHz ARM processor to provide massive DSP headroom for seamless processing and improved audio quality

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