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Voodoo Lab MIDI Control Switcher (Available on order)

Voodoo Lab



Enables you to control your amplifier with MIDI. You can change channels, turn on/off reverb and boost etc. with four separate switches. This unit brings modern controlling possibilities to any amplifier. Fully programmable to use with your MIDI-controller.

Unit is compact enough to mount behind an amp, inside a rack, or on a pedalboard. Excellent tool for guitar rigs, when you want to control many funtions with one only stomp.

  • 4 isolated relay controls with plugs, multi-DIN connector for modern amps.
  • Phantom powered by GCX or Pedal Switcher via 5-pin MIDI cable.
  • Works with Program and Control changes.
  • Power requirements: 2.5 mm 9 V AC or DC centre negative. 120 mA.


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