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Ben Varon IV

March 25, 2019

Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Classic Junior SC
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4
Patch cables: Square Plug Patch Cables
Weight: 9,9 kg

Signal chain: 

Pedalboard --> Lehle P-Split --> Amps 1 and 2 input

Amp 1 FX send --> Eventide H9 left --> Strymon Timeline left --> TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate --> Amp 1 FX return

Amp 2 FX send --> Eventide H9 right --> Strymon Timeline right --> Keeley 30ms Double Tracker -->  TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate --> Amp 2 FX return

Board MIDI --> MIDI splitter to Strymon Timeline and amps 1 & 2

Ben Varon of Oceanhoarse is preparing his rig for Suomi Feast shows 2019 in Japan with Beast in Black, Swallow The Sun and others. Normally the effects he has in his amps' effects loops are placed safely on a shelf inside a rack with the amp heads, but because of the weight limits of the airline companies he had us build a small board including the aforementioned effects. 

The main idea was to copy the layout more or less from the rack shelf and just duplicate the cabling to the board, so he can easily restore the effects and the power supply back to the rack after the shows. Because of this, we diligently marked each cable in rack and in the board using coloured tape and marker pen to ensure trouble-free connecting. This way he also has the board readily cabled and dual-locked for future fly-in shows.



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