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Esa Holopainen I

August 16, 2007

Designed in August 2007.
Pedalboard: Custom made plywood board
Power supply: T-Rex Fueltank Classic
Patch cables: George L

During the Amorphis liveshows, Esa uses lots of stomp effects to enhance his guitar sound. We designed effects pedalboard to suit Esa ́s needs. The purpose of this set-up is to make the selection and use of effect pedals easier and to clean up his sound while effects are efficiently bypassed. On the basis of this set-up we used the Wobo MFX Controller.

At the front you see MFX Controller, Vox WahWah and Boss Tuner TU-2. The rest of the effects are hidden under the wooden panel, where they are kept safe during the show. On the top of the effects department Esa keeps a footswitch for his Koch Amplifier

Signal Chain is kept simple when no effects are used:

Wireless – Wobo MFX Patch Bay – Koch Amplifier.

Efffects are connected to Wobo MFX ́s loops as follows:

  1. Vox Wah-Wah

  2. Digitech Delay

  3. Digitech Phaser

  4. Line 6 Delay DL4

  5. Tech 21 Boost D.L.A.

  6. Empty
  7. Empty 
  8. Boss Octaver


If we check under the cover, you will find stomp boxes nicely attached and cabeled. Esa dials the presets in the soundcheck, during the concert protective cover is on so effects are not vulnerable to dirt or moisture.

Close up from the controller, in the side panel you can find switches for selecting which loops are connected to signal chain, when certain switch is selected.

  1. Crunch, straight from guitar to Koch amplifier
  2. Vox Wah Wah
  3. Vox Wah Wah & Digitech Delay

  4. Digitech Delay
  5. Line 6 Delay

  6. Digitech Phaser & Digitech Delay
  7. Tech 21 Boost D.L.A.

  8. Boss Octaver & Digitech Delay

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