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Jukka Puurula

June 10, 2015

Designed in June 2015. Modified in May 2019.
Custom made plywood board
Power supply: Cioks Adam Link
Patch cables: SquarePlug Patch Cables
Accessories: Best-Tronics Neutrik "D" Series patch panel (4 port)
Cable Snake: Three signal and AC power

Signal chain: 

Interface in --> Behringer Bass Synthesizer --> Electro-Harmonix Big Muff --> SansAmp Bass Driver DI --> interface out

Don Huonot is returning to festival stages this year for their 30th anniversary. Bass player Jukka Puurula used to have just two battery-powered pedals on his board, but with the addition of more elements we decided to add a Cioks Adam Link to power up the board.

For quick connecting, we built and installed a Best-Tronics interface panel with D-series connectors to the board. Designed to attach under a tilted Pedaltrain board frame, it can also be installed upside down on flat boards with the included hardware. With the wide variety of available signal, MIDI, power etc. connectors, it's easy to modify the interface to your board's needs.




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