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Mikko Pettinen

April 21, 2020

Signal chain: 
Eventide Mixing Link (To FX) --> Eventide H9 --> Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah 535Q --> TC Electronic Brainwaves --> TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 --> TC Electronic Flashback 2 --> TC Electronic Ditto X4 --> Eventide Mixing Link (From FX).
Eventide Mixing Link Amp out --> Board interface Out

Mikko Pettinen is a noted jazz musician, having played in jazz groups and big bands such as UMO and his own Why Not, but also lending his talent on albums and live for pop and rap acts such as Paleface, Asa, Jimi Tenor, and Anssi Kela.
Even though we love building pedalboards for guitar, there's always an extra layer of excitement when we get to work with instruments that don't use effects that often, like trumpets in this instance.

The Eventide Mixing Link is an essential tool to adjust different signal levels to be used in conjunction with effects designed to work with guitar level signals. In this case it acts as a mic preamp for the instrument's ribbon microphone, effects looper and a DI box.




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