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The Custom Boards Guide for Building Your Own Pedalboard

(November 2018, in English, 60 videos)


Custom Boards Components

(April 2018, in English, 12 videos) 


Custom Boards - A history, evolution and company overview

(March 2018, In English)


Timo Kämäräinen with Custom Boards pedalboard

(February 2018, In English)


Petteri Sariola with Custom Boards pedalboards

(October 2017, In English, 2 videos)


Mikko Kosonen Pedal dogma with Keeley Electronics

(October 2017, In English, 18 videos)


Noise in electric guitar rig

(April 2017, in Finnish, 7 videos)


Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide with Kiril

(January 2017, in English, 21 videos)


Lassi Ukkonen - Electric Guitar Masterclass

(December 2016, in Finnish, 13 videos) 


Save money by maintaining your own pedals

(April 2016, in Finnish, 4 videos) 


Anatomy of a guitar rig with Linde Lindström

(November 2015, in Finnish, 4 videos) 


Making of Stone Beast pedalboard

(September 2014, in English, 11 videos) 


Jimi Hendrix Fillmore Project

(September 2013, in Finnish, 13 videos)


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