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How do I start my pedalboard project?

Take a look at what a personalized pedalboard can do for your creativity

All musicians are unique. We offer personal assistance by designing and wiring a pedalboard that inspires you to create music. With an organized layout and lifelong guarantee, you are free to do what you do best. New inspiring sounds guide you to get fresh ideas for your playing.

Getting started is easy

All you need to do is fill out our planning form, that can be found from each service page. You can choose a desired service from the following options:

1) Complete personalized pedalboard package

You want us to design and wire you a pedalboard and take care of all technical details, so you can only concentrate on making music.

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2) Pedalboard planning service

You want to build your pedalboard by yourself, but need some inspiration, help with the planning, finding new sounds, and choosing the right tools for the job.

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3) Creative Sound Consultation 101

You might have an idea for a sound, but the result does not feel right. Our sound experts are happy to help you achieve the sounds you are looking for.

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4) Call and Online Tech Support

Book an appointment – it could even be today – and tell us about your equipment-related issues. We will deal with your problems effectively during our phone or video call so that you can continue making music.

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5) Pedal Power Service

Are you searching for the right power supply to feed your pedals? Are you afraid you could damage your pedals by connecting the power supply incorrectly?

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6) Guitar rig troubleshooting service

You have technical problems with your pedalboard, like noise, hum or intermittent sound, but you can’t solve the problem yourself?

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7) Other services and price list

Do you need a custom length instrument cable, patch cables, or a cable snake from your pedalboard to your backline? Please see what else we can offer you.

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Start building your pedalboard now.

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