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How do I start my pedalboard project?

We offer you different services for updating your pedalboard to a professional level; all include a personal consultation. You can make a booking these services using our planning form, that can be found from the each service page.

Please select your service from the following options:

1) Online Tech Support

Book an appointment – it could even be today – and tell us about your equipment-related issues. We will deal with your problems effectively during our video call, so that you can make fast progress with your project.

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2) Complete pedalboard package

You want us to make the pedalboard that will not not fail during your show and take care of all technical details, so you can only concentrate on making music?

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3) Pedalboard planning service

You want to build or finalize your own pedalboard, but would need some professional help with the planning, as well as with choosing the right parts?

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4) Sound Consultation 101

Ask us anything you have always wanted to know! You can either take along your equipment or decide to simply get a one-hour presentation and Q&A on electric guitar signal path. After consulting with us you will understand much better how, the different parts making up your signal path influence your tone.

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5) Pedal Power Service

Are you searching for the right power supply to feed your pedals? Are you afraid you could damage your pedals by connecting the power supply incorrectly?

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6) Other services and price list

You have technical problems with your pedalboard, like noise, hum or intermittent sound, but you can’t solve the problem yourself?

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