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Pedalboard Planning Service

  • Are you planning to build a pedalboard, but you’re unsure what components you need? 
  • Are you unsure about the right order of effects, how to route patch cables, or how to install pedals or a power supply on a pedalboard?
  • Would you like to know how to improve your current board?

Pedalboard Planning Service is meant for anybody who wants to build a pedalboard by themselves.

The advantages of our consultation service:

    • Get exact plan for buiding your pedalboard
    • You can ask us about any problems and how to solve those
    • You avoid wrong purchases
    • You will finish your board a way quicker

    How does it work?

    1. Fill in our planning form and send it to us.
    2. You will receive our suggestion for a planning session date.
    3. After the date has been agreed with you, we will send you a payment link to our webshop. Planning session fee is 99€.
    4. Once we have received your payment, we will e-mail you additional questions concerning the details of your rig. This way we can make the most of our consultation.
    5. During our session we will delve deeply into what types of sounds you’re looking for and give you a clear instructions for assembling your own pedalboard.
    6. At the end of our session, we will supply you with a detailed list of all the components you’ll need. You can purchase the proposed items from us, but this is totally up to you. The planning session does not oblige you to buy anything from our shop.
    7. You are good to go and ready to build your own pedalboard.

    Fill in our planning form

      The planning session will be held either at our headquarters or via Skype, depending on your location.

          Pedalboard planning service includes:
          Going through your preferred sounds Check!
          Choosing the right pedals and determining the need for additional devices. Check!
          Getting your signal path in order Check!
          Choosing the pedalboard frame and pedal layout Check!
          The best ways to install your effects Check!
          Choosing the desired cabling from the guitar to the amp. Check!
          Selecting the correct power supply unit. Check!
          Our satisfaction guarantee Check!
          3-year warranty on our products Check!
          Testing the signal path n/a
          Removing hum and interference n/a
          Custom-made patch cables n/a
          Servicing old pedals and components n/a
          Attachment of effects and power supply n/a
          Testing the finished board for ruggedness n/a
          Lifetime warranty on all what we do n/a
          Set delivery date n/a
          Technician hotline 24/7 n/a

          Satisfaction guaranteed

          We have built a hundreds of pedalboards with our expertise and knowledge based on years of real life international touring experience. Please see our previous works from the pedalboard gallery. Should you feel that we’ve failed to provide you with valuable help and advice, we will refund your money.

          If you have purchased all the parts and components but get a feeling that you might not be up to the task after all, we can make your pedalboard for you, using the components you have bought from us. Don’t worry, we won’t let anything go to waste.

          Start building your pedalboard with the professional help.

          Fill in our planning form

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