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Repairs and other services

Pedalboard troubleshooting service

This service is meant for anybody who is experiencing technical problems with his pedalboard. Our troubleshooting session will cost you 99 €. If we can't cure the problem in your board, we will refund your money.

How does it work?

You will bring your current pedalboard and all connecting cables to our workshop. During our troubleshooting session our Custom Boards technician will identify the faults in your pedalboard. As a result your equipment works the way you want it to. After our session you are good to go for your next show or rehearsal.

The advantages of our troubleshoot service:

  • Get rid of hum, buzz, noise, or drop-outs in your rig
  • We will locate faulty connectors and cables for you
  • Finding tone-sucking pedals

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Service pricing breakdown within a Complete Pedalboard Package -service:

Custom Boards "Cable Snake" from pedalboard to the backline

Pricing for our six-metre cable snakes according to Cable Snake model:

One signal and AC power 159 €
One signal, control and AC power 189 €
Two signal and AC power 189 €
Two signal, control and AC power 219 €
Three signal and AC power 219 €
Three signal, control and AC power 249 €
Four signal and AC power 249 €
Three signal, two control and AC power 279 €

Additional charges for different lengths:

  • Club (6 m) – price as per list above
  • Stage (8 m) – add 10 € to prices above
  • Festival (10 m) – add 20 € to prices above

Should you already own a cable snake, but want us to customize it to your new requirements, we will charge you 97 €/per snake for opening up the old snake and replacing a cable. All our cables are covered by our lifetime warranty.


Custom length Instrument Cable

  • A handmade Custom Boards signal cable costs à 70 €.
  • Soldering a new connector into your pre-existing cable costs à 29 € (plug is included in the price).

You can choose your cable at any length between three and ten metres. Within our "Complete Pedalboard Package" a price includes securing the cable to the pedalboard using our Custom Boards Safety Carabiner. All our cables are covered by our lifetime warranty.


Custom length patch cables

  • We will charge à 39 € a piece for any handmade Custom Boards patch cable, regardless of its length.
  • Cables with special connectors, like Y-cables etc. will cost à 49 €, regardless of its length inside the board.

Prices cover all materials, prepping, soldering, connecting to pedals and routing cables underneath the pedalboard. All our cables are covered by our lifetime warranty.

Additional work:

Attaching effects to the pedalboard:
Installing a new (or as-new) pedal on to a pedalboard with 3M Dual Lock 19 €
Installing a used pedal or equipment with hard to clean base plates on to a pedalboard with 3M Dual Lock. Price includes the thorough preparation of the base plate, cleaning and tightening of jacks, and costs for materials. 39 €
Installation of a Pedal Riser to a pedalboard with 3M Dual Lock 15 €
Installations of additional devices to the pedalboard:
Power supply installation by drilling to the pedalboard frame. Our charge includes checking for induced hum, and the labelling of all power supply outputs. Price does not include mounting brackets, which differ depending which pedalboard brand you choose 49 €
Installation of a Best Tronics interface panel, or a Neutrik D-panel housing to the pedalboard frame. All related cabling will be priced like our regular patch cables 25 €
Attaching any additional device to pedalboard by drilling 39 €
Power cables:
Customized AC-cable between two power supplies 49 €
MIDI-programming (per device). We will supply a PDF manual, which will specifically deal with your settings. 120 €
Effects repair:
Service and repair of broken effects pedals. This price includes the exchange of small parts, such as broken footswitch, potentiometers, jacks, screws, and nuts. 79 € 
Cable routing inside the pedalboard:
Dismantling a pre-existing pedalboard, and preparing the old frame for reuse by removing any old adhesives and mounting accessories. 99 € 
Re-routing an existing Custom Boards -pedalboard wiring when changing pedal order. 79 €
Noise-free routing and installation to the pedalboard with existing patch cables (small board) 49 €
Noise-free routing and installation to the pedalboard with existing patch cables (medium/large board) 99 € 


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