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Guitar Rig troubleshooting service

  • Is your guitar rig causing you troubles?
  • Get rid of hum, buzz, noise, or drop-outs in your rig
  • Let us eliminate the weakest link in your signal chain

  • Guitar Rig Troubleshooting Service is meant for anybody who is experiencing technical problems with his pedalboard. Our troubleshooting session will cost you 99 €. If we can't cure the problem in your board, we will refund your money.

    The advantages of our service:

    • Don’t waste time on frustrating self-diagnosis
    • Your gear will be operating correctly on your next session

    How does it work?

      Fill in our planning form which helps our technicians understand problems with your current setup. We will study it and book you a time for our consultation session.

        You will bring your current pedalboard/rack and all connecting cables to our workshop. During our troubleshooting session our Custom Boards technician will identify the faults in your rig. As a result your equipment works the way you want it to. After our session you are good to go for your next show or rehearsal.

          Our troubleshooting session will cost you 99 €.

          You won’t be obliged to purchase any additional equipment or accessories from us.

            Troubleshoot includes:
            Getting rid of the possible ground loop Check!
            Founding faulty connectors and cables Check!
            Calculating power supply efficiency Check!
            Getting more natural bypass signal Check!
            Locating tone-sucking pedals Check!
            Eliminating the transformer noise Check!

            How do I get started?

            1. Fill in our planning form.
            2. We will send you a confirmation e-mail, with additional questions of your rig. This way we can make the most of our one-hour consultation.
            3. The troubleshooting session is held in Custom Boards headquarters. In the session your board will get complete overhaul.
            4. If the problem originates from a substandard device we will suggest an upgraded substitute. You can choose to purchase the suggested item in our shop. This is up to you.
            5. You are good to go for your next show or rehearsal.

            Our session includes:

            • Eliminating any hum, buzz, noise, and feedback squeal from your guitar rig
            • Finding faulty equipment
            • Finding any weak links in your signal chain

            You are free to ask us any questions concerning your equipment. If you want, we will also give you ideas for improving your rig.

            Satisfaction guaranteed

            If you feel we haven’t been able to help you, or we haven’t found the source of your problem, we will refund your money.


            Fill in our planning form

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