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Sound Consultation

  • Do you want to know how the different stages of your signal path influence your tone?
  • Would you need to get fresh ideas on updating your sound?
  • Would you like to develop your sound, but don’t know how and where to start?

Creative Sound Consultation 101 - service is meant for anybody who wants to improve his or her guitar sound. After consulting with us you will understand much better how the different parts making up your signal path influence your tone.

The advantages of our Creative Sound Consultation 101 -service:

  1. Ask our experts any question that you might have regarding guitar equipment.
  2. Keeping your signal as pristine as possible throughout your signal chain.
  3. Understand the advantages and drawbacks of the electric guitar as a signal source.
  4. Learn how to add additional pieces of equipment to your system.
  5. Understand the changing role of the guitar amplifier in various live situations.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in our planning form and send it to us.
  2. You will receive our suggestion for a Creative Sound Consultation date.
  3. After the date has been agreed with you, we will send you a payment link to our webshop. Planning session fee is 99€.
  4. Once we have received your payment, we will mail you additional questions concerning the details of your gear. This way we will be well prepared for your session.
  5. During the one-hour Creative Sound Consultation session a Custom Boards technician will go through your signal chain step-by-step, and give you tips and hints on how to improve your tone.
  6. The session does not bind you to buy any equipment from us.

Fill in our planning form

You can either take along your equipment or decide to simply get a one-hour presentation and Q&A on electric guitar signal path. Ask us anything you have always wanted to know! If necessary, we are also prepared to hold our Sound Consultation via video call.

Creative Sound Consultation Service
Looking for your favourite sounds    Check!
Going through your whole signal chain Check!
Analysing your rig as a whole Check!
Finding weak links in your chain Check!
Suggesting improvements in your setup Check!
Try out how different devices influence your tone Check!
No obligation to buy anything from Custom Boards Check!

Satisfaction guaranteed

Custom Boards has had the honour of helping hundreds of musicians with their effects setups, from all possible genres. Please see a list from Custom Boards artists in our references page. Should you feel we have failed to give you the help you needed, we will refund your session fee in full.


Fill in our planning form

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