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The Custom Boards guide for building your own pedalboard

Updated 17.5.2019

If you want to build your own pedalboard from start to finish this guide is for you. We have compiled everything we know about building pedalboards in texts, charts and videos on these pages.

This guide consists of separate articles, each concentrating on one specific subject, so you can either read the whole guide from start to finish or choose any specific area of interest. You can also come back to the guide in the middle of your project, or even if you would already have a pedalboad that you are using on your gigs.

We go through each phase in detail, so you can assemble a pedalboard which stands up to Custom Boards’ quality standards.

    – Building a pedalboard always starts with careful planning. If you’ve made a detailed plan building your board will be easy.
      – Before buying any materials you should be sure you understand what you’re aiming for. This guide will help you to get a clear picture of all the different things you will need, and in which quantities.

        – By using Custom Boards’ system for building pedalboards, you will be assembling your board in the correct order, once you start.

          With this guide we hope to help each and every musician to build themselves a stylish, professional sounding and reliable pedalboard. It would be fantastic if we could reach a point where your DIY-board is virtually indistinguishable from one of ours.

            A building process of a pedalboard



                  • Should I connect all my pedals in series or do I need additional equipment? (Release TBA)
                  • Neutrik D-panel connectors as interfaces on a pedalboard (Release TBA)
                  • AB- and ABY-boxes (Release TBA)
                  • What is a ground loop? (Release TBA)
                  • Bypass looper offers more options (Release TBA)
                  • How to use MIDI to control your rig (Release TBA)


                  POWER SUPPLY



                  • How do capacitance and impedance affect my guitar sound? (Release TBA)
                  • Instrument cables in a gig environment (Release TBA)
                  • Make your own instrument cable (Release TBA)
                  • Wireless receivers on a pedalboard (Release TBA)
                  • What kind of patch cables do I need in my pedalboard? (Release TBA)
                  • Fitting Evidence Audio Monorail cables with SiS-plugs (Release TBA)
                  • Soldering Van Damme cables and Square Plug-connectors (Release TBA)
                  • A cable snake makes connecting a pedalboard effortless (Release TBA)
                  • Assembling a pedalboard cable snake (Release TBA)
                  • Testing cables with a multimeter and cable tester (Release TBA)


                  Our previous DIY-guide contents:

                  1. Pedal maintenance and troubleshooting
                  2. Preparing adhesive tapes to your pedals
                  3. Preparing patch cables
                  4. Measuring and preparing cable loom
                  5. Soldering cables
                  6. Assembling AC-connectors
                  7. Testing cables with a multimeter
                  8. Marking cable loom cables 

                  9. Installing a power supply unit

                  10. Connecting outboard cables to your board
                  11. Preparing the board for first testing
                  12. The first soundcheck
                  13. Attaching the pedals
                  14. Installing the patch cables
                  15. Attaching the cable loom
                  16. Securing the guitar cable
                  17. Final testing and finishing touches


                  If you have purchased all the parts and components but get a feeling that you might not be up to the task after all, we can make your pedalboard for you, using the components you have bought from us. Don’t worry, we won’t let anything go to waste.


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