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Cioks Cable Flex 2050-LN - Type 2 - RCA to 2.1 mm, reverse polarity, center positive, 12 mm long barrel angle plug (50 cm)




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Notice: this one has the 12mm long barrel!

With all Radial units and Moogerfooger pedals, you can use the standard red type 2 Flex cable which is included with all CIOKS power supply models except the Adam. The included angled 10 mm barrel plug might not give you the optimal connection to the pedal’s power input socket which is more or less recessed in these products. To power these we recommend using this red Flex cable in a version with a straight plug or the one with a longer 12 mm angled plug.

Type 2 Flex cables are red and fitted with a centre-positive 5,5/2,1mm DC plug. This standard is less popular but also widely used in older or positive ground pedals as for example the ’69 Pedal, Soulbender, or Octafuzz from Fulltone. Red Flex cable should also be used for Moogerfoogers, Radial Tonebones, Effectrode, some Diamond pedals, Blackstar for 22V DC, or a few Empress and Kingsley pedals.

We offer this Flex cable type with an angled (L-shaped) plug and a 10mm barrel with cable lengths 30 or 50cm. For pedals with recessed power sockets or other special needs, we also offer this Flex cable type with a straight (I-shaped) plug or one with a longer 12mm barrel, both with 50cm cable length.

Here’s a list of pedals that we know need a centre-positive polarity and therefore the red type 2 Flex cable:

  • all Moogerfooger pedals *
  • all Radial Tonebone pedals *
  • all Radial active DI boxes, re-ampers, splitters, interface boxes that need 15V DC *
  • Diamond Halo Chorus, Memory Lane 1 and 2, ST-MIX, Phase, Vibrato, and Bass Comp
  • new Blackstar for 22V DC
  • Empress Effects Superdelay and Vintage Modified Superdelay
  • version B of Jester, Juggler, Jouster, and Constable from Kingsley
  • Roger Linn Adrenalinn I and II
  • all Effectrode pedals
  • Morpheus Droptune
  • plus others not listed here

Always check the manual or label on the pedal to get the polarity of the Flex cable right.


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