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Lehle Sunday Driver Buffer SW II



  • High-end preamp, buffer, and booster
  • Discrete Class A input stage
  • 130 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
  • Choose between two sound modes
  • Neutral, studio-quality sound
  • Switchable boost up to +18 dB
  • Choose between Buffer and True-Bypass operation
  • Balanced output can be used as a DI box

High-end buffer and booster which takes care of both tasks simultaneously. Boosts the volume level and evens the impedance to prevent loss of signal detail. Thanks to its broad frequency range (20 Hz-100 000 Hz) can also be used as a recording preamp. ᅠ


    Gain: Adjusts the amount of boost, maximum boost +15 dB

    S/D Switch:
    D (Driver, switch pressed down) mode: Sunday Driver works as a neutral boost with 1 Megaohm impedance and prevents signal loss that occurs from long cables and complex pedalboard setups.
    S (Sunday, switch up) mode: quadruples the input impedance to 4 Megaohms. This brings out frequencies and details of your sound that were previously inaudible. Increasing Gain brings out more warmth.

    TS/TB switch: Chooses bypass mode. In OFF status, the Lehle Sunday Driver SW provides two different modes of operation - in TB (= True Bypass) mode, the input, and output are linked with zero losses to one another via a switch with gold-plated contacts. True Bypass mode is the best option for a small set-up with short cable routings and for when a treble-booster or a classical fuzz pedal is looped in after the Lehle Sunday Driver SW. The line-driver function, located at the start of the train or in an effect chain, is the better solution for long cables and for complex effect board configurations. Switch the Lehle Sunday Driver SW to TS (= True Sound) mode, and it is active as a buffer, without amplifying or modifying the signal in any way. In this mode, the Lehle Sunday Driver SW operates as a totally neutral line-driver – equivalent to Mode D with the gain pot turned all the way to the left.

    Footswitch: High-quality indestructible footswitch (designed for one million presses) that turns the pedal on and off.

    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-20 V DC or AC power supply or 9 V battery. 9 mA (OFF), 28 mA (ON).
    • Made in Germany


    Collections: Effects, Lehle

    Category: Booster pedals, Buffers

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