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PRF 6-68 Kontakt 220 ml



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Non-conductive contact cleaner.

An effective, quickly evaporating contact cleaner spray.
Guitar gear is under constant stress on gigs. Especially in a festival environment, there is dust and smoke in the air. Also changes in temperature and the resulting condensation cause oxidization in contact surfaces. The most common cause for the signal breakup is bad contact, for instance, between a plug and a jack.

By spraying the contact spray to the contact surfaces of both components and by inserting the plug a couple of times in the jack will prevent these problems. This is true also for the jacks in an amplifier: primarily for the input jack, but the speaker outs as well as the effect loop jacks, etc. need cleaning from time to time.

This procedure has also a considerable effect on your sound. If corrosion accumulates in your plugs and jacks, it is almost certain that your sound does not manifest in the way it is supposed to. The power jacks of effect pedals should also be cleaned at least once a year, to prevent power from cutting in and out during gigs.


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