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Radial Engineering SB-4 Active Direct Box StageBug

Radial Engineering


The most crucial decision is whether to choose an active or a passive DI-box. If you’re running a relatively weak signal – like a passive bass or acoustic guitar – you should really use an active DI-box.

Active DI-box for piezo transducers. Very compact: fits easily into your guitar case along with your guitar.

  • Connections and specifications:
    Input: Unbalanced input for the instrument.
    AUX: Active pass-through for a tuner or an amp.
  • HPF-switch: Activates a high-pass filter. Cuts bass frequencies and clarifies the sound. Helps to eliminate feedback.
  • Ground-switch: Push down to prevent problems with a ground loop.
    Phase-switch: Inverts the phase of the signal 180 degrees, if phase cancellation is an issue.
    Output: Balanced XLR-out for PA or recording.
  • Power requirements: 48V phantom-power.
  • Made in Canada


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Category: DI-boxes

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