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T-Rex FuelTank Junior Power Supply

T-Rex Engineering



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9V power supply with five isolated outputs and switchable 115V or 230V mains

Fuel Tank is a line of power supply units that power multiple effects pedals from a single source. This keeps your board free of messy power cables and complicated extension cords, and reduces setup and tear-down times &ndash so you can concentrate on your music instead of your gear.

Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtually any 9-Volt analog effects pedal. Junior features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals. Don't let the compact size of this unit fool you. Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse!

Listen up there is a lesson to learn!

When you want to power your pedal from the FuelTank Junior or any other power supply, there are two things youᅠneed to know:

1.What voltage does your pedal accept to be driven.

All T-Rex pedals can run on 12 volt. Some (the ones with battery container) can also run on 9 volt. But they accept any voltage between 9 and 12 volt.
If your pedal get's less than the voltage it needs, there is no danger. It will not break or burn. It just sounds different or says nothing at all. Some musicians even use old batteries, that gives less power and thereforeᅠthe pedal gives another sound - which they like.
If your pedal get's more voltage than it needs, there is danger that the pedal willᅠbreak or even burn. If you are lucky, it will have a fuse inside (to be replaced), but most pedals don't.

2. How much power does your pedal consume?

You need to find this information in the pedal users manual or on the pedal in terms of a sticker, if you are lucky. If your pedal has a battery container, it usually consumes very little power, like 20 - 40 mA. If your pedal comes with an adapter, it consumes a lot more power. That can vary from 100 mA to 1.200 mA, or even more.
Now you are ready to buy and connect your pedal(s) to a power supply.

Ifᅠ your pedal(s), like most other pedals on the market, accepts 9 volt DC and needs less than 120 mA, you have come to the right place,ᅠFuelTank Junior. Just connect the pedal to one of the five outputs.ᅠ

If you have more pedals that accept 9 volt and together use less than 120 mA, you can run them all from one output on the Fueltank Junior - by using the link cable (sold separately). One end of the link cable goes in one of the outputs on the FuelTank Junior. The other plugs on the link cable goes intoᅠthe pedals one by one. The order is irrelevant.

If you've got a pedal which accepts 12 volts only you cannot use FuelTank Junior. You either need FuelTank Classic or FuelTank Chameleon, both deliver 12 volts (amongst other things).

If you have a pedal that accepts 18 volts only and consumes no more than 120 mA, use the yellow voltage doubler cable (sold separately). It taps 9 volts each from two outputs on the Junior and converts them to 18 volts. If your pedal consumes more than 120 mA you cannot use FuelTank Junior.

If you have a pedal that needs 12 AC voltage and consumes less than 500 mA (like the T-Rex Replica), you cannot use the Junior. You need to use the FuelTank Classic or FuelTank Chameleon. It gives 12 volt AC - among other things.


Pedal size incl. knobs
(W x H x D)

100x38x78 mm / 6,3x1,5x3 inch

ᅠPower supply

Switchable 115V or 230V mains


ᅠ5 isolated 9V DC outputs delivering 120 mA each

ᅠPower consumption

ᅠ30 mA

ᅠWeight (excl. battery and packaging)

ᅠ0,470 kg / 18,5 oz


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