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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 Isolated Power Supply (Expander Kit)

Voodoo Lab


Please note!

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4 Expander Kit adds four 9 V isolated outputs to an existing power supply using any available 12 V high current (400 mA) output. If you need a stand-alone power supply that you can use without any other power supply, please see Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4.

Housed in an ultra-compact aluminum chassis, the virtually weightless X4 easily mounts to even the most crowded pedalboards. Pedal Power X4 delivers the pure and reliable power necessary for pedals to perform and sound their very best – all with zero added noise.


  • Adds four 9 V isolated outputs to an existing Pedal Power
  • Powered from any Pedal Power 12 V 400 mA output (Voodoo Lab 4x4, Voodoo Lab Digital, Voodoo Lab ISO 5, and Voodoo Lab Mondo)

  • Four isolated 9 V outputs
  • Delivers a total of 1000 mA to handle high current DSP effects (500mA max per output)
  • Ultra-compact chassis easily mounts to the smallest pedalboards including Pedatrain Nano, Nano plus, Mini and Metro-series.

  • Unique DC transformer topology provides the optimum platform for quiet switch-mode power State-of-the-art multi-pole filtering eliminates any trace amounts of noise

  • Includes power cables and 3M Dual Lock for mounting
  • 3-year warranty

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Included cables: 5 x 5.5/2.1 mm center negative barrel plug straight to right angle.
  • See our pedalboard gallery for all installations using a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4


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